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The Path to Sustainable Future

Bo Systems GmbH has many years of know-how in the production of materials based on wood and natural fibers, including own moldings with  following simply possibility of surface lamination with leather, fabric or foil and by pressure, vacuum and foaming  technology.


Better for Automotive, Better for the Planet

Natural fibers from renewable resources are increasingly used in the automotive industry for sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies.

Manufacture of wood fiber mats

Wood fiber mats are the basis for various components of the automotive industry.


 Considerable suppliers to the automotive industry process these mats.


 Raw materials for the production of our mats are mostly wood and formaldehyde-free phenol and acrylic resins.


 The mats are about 80 % wood and 20 % synthetic fibers and binders. Production can choose between a weight of 800 g/m² and 2.800 g/m² and a width of max. 2.550 mm.


Manufacturing of 
natural fiber mats

Natural fiber mats are manufactured from the raw materials hemp, flax, kenaf, and synthetic fibers. They consist of about 50% natural fibers and 50% of synthetic fibers and can produce between a weight of 800 g / m² and 2800 g / m² and width of max. 2,400 mm are produced.


The natural fiber mats can be compressed  by a calendar on the customer wants material thickness

This has the advantage that the customer's further processing of the "Plates" with decorative fabrics without additional adhesive application is possible and leads to significant savings in investment costs for the customer.

Press parts from wood
fiber mats

To the completion of the production of wood fiber mats Bo Systems has several hot press types of equipment with different tool capaciousness. Herewith Bo Systems is able to manufacture three-dimensional press parts for the automotive industry. One of the options is also plastic back injection for inner reinforcement or assembly joints.


The mold temperature is between 200 ° C and 230°C. The press parts convince primarily in comparison with synthetic parts by the following qualities.


Press parts have better sound absorption and a weight advantage of up to 40 %. In case of an accident wood fiber products have the best passive crash behavior, no sharp edges, and no emission of particles. The costs of wood fiber mats are independent of oil price fluctuations. By adding individual specific components the press parts are also suitable for use in the engine.



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The Foundation

The foundation of the company Deutsche Press-Tock GmbH & Co. KG for the production of interior trim for the automotive industry




Change of name to LIGNOTOCK GmbH

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